Lonsdale Bathroom Renovation

The existing bathroom had a bath tub which was not being used. We removed the tub, raised the ceilings from 7 to 7feet 6inches, and reclaimed that area with a full-height shower that features large, 36 X 18" porcelain tiles with 12 inch vertical glass detail tiles and a linear drain hidden with tile. All new brushed nickel bathroom fixtures were used, with a two-way shower valve that operates the rain head or the shower head, or both simultaneously. All copper piping was replaced with new fire-rated Pex piping, and we installed internal shutoff valves for the bathroom within the unit for easy future servicing. We installed a new solid-wood, shaker style vanity with a quartz countertop. The toilet is a dual eco flush toilet with soft-close lid. A couple of special features in this bathroom are the in-floor electric heating (which extends into the shower floor) and the digital electronic humidistat for the bathroom fan, which automatically detects steam and vents it before it can damage the paint or drywall.