Modern West End Kitchen Renovation

This was a dramatic kitchen renovation in a one bedroom concrete condo in the West End. Previously, there used to be a wall dividing the kitchen and the living room, which made the existing kitchen a galley style kitchen. We removed the wall that was dividing the kitchen and living areas which created an island and open-concept space. We then installed a drop-ceiling for increased recess lighting and to allow for electrical wiring to be re-routed. New stainless steel appliances were installed, and we upgraded the drainage to current building code standards, which also allowed for better draining capabilities from the dishwasher and sink. The previous water main caused the entire wing of the building to be shut off when servicing or maintenance was required; as a solution, we installed water shut-off valves unique to this unit. The new high-gloss, white kitchen cabinets paired with martini olive Silia stone counter tops create the perfect modern kitchen space. Throw in a custom painted glass backsplash for ease of cleaning as well as aesthetics and you're all set to entertain.